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You Groom Cats?

You might be thinking, "Cat don't need to be groomed, they lick themselves." And you're right, cats lick themselves.

I don't know about you, but I wouldn't want to spread saliva all over on my skin and hair, leave it there for 15+ years to be combined with litter dust, dead skin or fleas, or have hair that has fallen out get matted, or even worse, pelted, because it's not actually being removed. Mats start off as tangles, and pelting occurs if left long enough. Pelting is when the hair becomes very tight and close to the skin. It can end up pulling so tightly on the skin that it can actually rip and create sores, bruising, and scaring.


When a cat licks itself, it swallows large amounts of loose, shedding hair, while creating dander on its coat.  The ingested hair contributes to hairballs, which are both gross and a potential health hazard! They can become impacted in kitty's stomach and can cause a whole host of other problems. Kitties who are on a regular grooming schedule of every 4 - 6 weeks see a dramatic decrease in the amount of hair they are swallowing; and the less hair they swallow, the less chance of a hairball or something worse happening.

This is where the professional cat groomer comes in.

I GROOM cats; with shampoo and water, and then I dry them with a high-velocity dryer and comb them out, removing all of the dead and loose hair. Not only that, but I will also ensure your kitty's face and ears are cleaned, and that all 18 of their "weapons of mass destruction" (a.k.a. nails) are clipped and have soft paws on them, if desired. There is no comparison to what a professional can do to what a cat can do.

I'm here to help you and your kitty live healthy and happy lives together for many years to come! Not sure if this grooming thing is for you? Book a new client consultation where we can chat and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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