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Myths vs. Facts

MYTH: Cat's HATE Water

FACT: There are lots of cats, and I've seen it with my very own eyes, that can be acclimated to the bathing process with very little difficulty. Many will actually even enjoy it! It’s true that a few cats will go nuts when faced with water, however, even some of those crazy kitties can learn to go through the bathing process without incident if they are handled in such a manner that is non-threatening and out of control. This takes skill, strength, and the understanding of the nature of felines.

MYTH: Cat's Get Dandruff Because Their Skin Is Dry

FACT: Cat's are actually really greasy creatures. The dandruff that develops are large flakes of skin that fall off usually due to a lack of regular bathing or develop due to skin problems. If treated regularly and properly, dandruff will become a thing of the past!

MYTH: Cats "Groom" Themselves


FACT: When cats “groom” themselves, they are covering themselves with saliva and an enzyme called Fel-D1.  Fel-D1 is the protein that people are allergic to.


Regular bathing and drying reduces this allergen, and also allows for the removal of dead fur, reducing the amount your cat sheds. This means that those who are allergic to cats, and could never have one due to the severity of their allergy, are able to now have a cat because all of the dead skin, loose fur, and dander are removed on a regular basis.

MYTH: De-clawing is the only way to keep cats from wrecking my furniture.


FACT: De-clawing is actually amputation.  When a veterinarian amputates a cat’s claw, they are not only removing the nail, but the first knuckle of the paw.  This can cause cats tremendous pain, not only right after the surgery, but for many years after. 


Another, more humane way of keeping your feline friends from ruining your furniture, is to have Soft Paws put on. This allows your pet to still climb and jump without affecting your furniture or their feet. They are still able to make the natural clawing motions on furniture, however, they will not be able catch the fabric with their sharp nails. Soft Paws can last up to 6 weeks, but it is not uncommon for one or more to fall off during that time.

Should your kitty not be a candidate for Soft Paws, regular nail trims are still needed to ensure their nails stay healthy and don't scratch your furniture or you!

MYTH: People shampoo is the same as cat or dog shampoo.


FACT: Cat and dog shampoos are formulated specifically for the skin conditions cats and dogs have. Using human products on cats can dry out their skin causing irritation and other skin problems.

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