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How Do I Find a Good Groomer?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Proper grooming is essential to the well-being of our beloved pets. Finding the perfect groomer should be more than just looking in the yellow pages. Use the following tips to help you find the right professional groomer for you and your pets!

Education and Training

The grooming industry is currently unregulated, which means there are no licensing requirements such as a hairdresser would have. So, it is very important to ask a lot of questions about the education and training a groomer has had, specifically for cats. How

much experience do they have? Did they attend a grooming school or receive any certifications? The ideal groomer should be able to answer any and all of your questions regarding safety, handling, and the grooming needs of your cat.


In addition to being well-educated, a professional groomer should be patient and compassionate toward your pets. When speaking to the groomer, they should be taking the time to address all of your concerns and have a calm, confident demeanor.

Tour the Facilities

If possible, ask to see where your pet will be groomed. While it is impossible to keep dog or cat hair out of every corner, the groomer’s area should look and smell clean. The

kennels or area where the pets are kept should be secure and of the appropriate size. The grooming room should be well-lit and of a comfortable temperature. If the salon also services both dogs and cats, where are they kept in relation to the cats?

For safety purposes, it may not be possible to be in the grooming area or watch while the groomer is working with your pet.


Salon vs. Vet vs. Mobile vs. House call

Each type of grooming salon has its advantages. The right choice for you will depend on a variety of factors including your pet’s needs, your location and schedule, and what is available in your area.


Each grooming salon is unique in layout, design, services and schedule. Some will even service only one pet or one family of pets at a time. Some have specific drop off/pick up

times, others have appointments throughout the day. It is important to ask how each salon operates in order to best fit you and your cat’s needs. A salon that schedules pets to stay for longer periods will be convenient for owners who work during the day, while nervous pets may benefit from “express,”

or straight through appointments. Also, stationary salon prices are typically lower than mobile or house call, so budget can be a factor when choosing a groomer.


Veterinary Clinic

Some veterinarians employ a groomer on premises. This is an option if your pet requires sedation or additional medical supervision during the grooming process. Only a licensed veterinarian should ever prescribe and/or administer sedatives to your pet.

Make sure to ask questions regarding education, training and experience to make sure a professional groomer will be the one grooming your pet. This is a good option for cats or dogs that are too aggressive for a regular salon or have health conditions that require monitoring by a veterinarian or technician. Keep in mind that sedation can increase the cost of the groom by a significant amount.


Mobile Groomer

A mobile groomer brings the grooming salon to your doorstep. Usually inside a specially converted van or trailer, it is equipped with all the tools and equipment needed to provide full grooming services. Only one pet or one family of pets is inside the mobile salon at a time, and grooms are performed straight through. This is a great option for pets that are anxious, become stressed during car rides, and for owners with busy schedules. Ask to see the van and consider the above questions on safety, cleanliness, lighting and temperature. Mobile grooming is a premium service and the price of grooming will increase accordingly.


House Call Groomer

A house call groomer is someone who grooms your pet inside your own home. They bring all their own tools and equipment, only requiring a large sink or tub, and a surface to use as a grooming table. House call has many of the same benefits of a mobile groomer, with the added feature of the pet never having to leave its personal space and you are usually able to observe most of the grooming process. Make sure your home has enough clean space for the groomer to work in, this can include a large bathroom, mudroom, laundry room, etc. The area should ideally have a door so a sopping wet cat can’t escape under a bed! House call grooming is also a premium service and will have a higher cost associated with it.


Cat grooming is not just about making cats look beautiful; it’s also about improving their lives and maintaining their skin and coat, which can affect their overall health.

Purrsnippety is Saskatoon’s only house call feline-exclusive grooming provider. We provide grooming services IN YOUR HOME, where your cat’s comfort, safety, and security is our #1 priority!

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