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Purrsnippety Cat Grooming is the premier feline-exclusive house call grooming business located in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. My focus as a Certified Feline Master Groomer (CFMG) is to provide a one-on-one relaxing spa experience for your kitty.


Just like dogs, cats require regular bathing and grooming to maintain optimal health and condition of their coat and skin. If regular maintenance is not performed, the risk for your kitty to develop tangles, mats and pelts increases significantly.

Cats are notorious for being bad travelers, and house call grooming minimizes the stress travel places on you and your kitty. Plus, it's really convenient! Whether or not your kitty is elderly or dealing with health issues, keeping the amount of external stress factors to a minimum is always a good thing. 

We're here to solve many of the problems that come with cat ownership. Some of these problems include shedding, waste being tracked through your home, smelly kitty, and so on. Purrsnippety is here to help make your kitty look and feel the best they possibly can! We use the most up-to-date cat-safe products and fear free techniques available to ensure your kitty feels like the pampered pet they truly are. 


After all, a clean cat is a happy cat!

Full Coat Bath & Blow Dry


bath and blow dry, domestic shorthair, cat, housecall groomer, purrsnippety, saskatoon, groomer
domestic long hair, cat, black cat, housecall, purrsnippety, saskatoon, yxe

Regular preventative maintenance grooms of every 4-6 weeks will prevent matting, eliminate hairballs and excessive shedding, and in-grown nails.


This package includes a luxurious massaging bath with shampoos specially formulated for kitty's specific needs, followed by:


  • Warm towel wrap

  • Soothing facial & ear cleaning

  • Pawdicure

  • Air temperature blow dry

  • Comb out to remove minor tangles* and excess dead coat

A Sanitary/Belly Trim, De-shed or Soft Paws can be added to this package at any time. Please speak with your groomer about adding these options to your appointment.

Prices: Starting at $85 for standard grooms with no knots or tangles.*

*Additional fees may apply if your kitty is over 12 pounds, severely tangled, matted, or aggressive. See Matting/Pelting section below for more information.

Lion Cut


Lion Cuts are a great option for both long - and short-haired, healthy, adult cats and will leave them feeling velvety soft! This is a great option for those who have been shaved previously but it's also an option to reduce shedding. Includes everything in the Bath & Blow Dry.


Cats must be in good physical condition in order to receive this cut. Purrsnippety will not provide this service on a kitten, elderly, sick or aggressive kitties. This service is not available to first-time clients.

Prices: Starting at $120. This price is dependent on coat length, the temperament of your kitty, and their grooming frequency.*

* Additional fees will apply if your kitty is over 12 pounds or matted. See Matting/Pelting section below for more information.

**Please note that this service is only eligible for recurring clients.**

Lion Cut, cat, cat shave, cute cat, yxe, purrsnipety, groomer, cat groomer, yxe, house call
nail trim, cat shave, cat bath, lion cut, cat grooming
Comb Cut


comb cut, cat, nail trim, purrsnippety, cat bath, grooming, yxe, saskatoon
comb cut, domestic long hair, cat, purrsnippety, saskatoon, groomer, yxe

This is a great option for kitties who are not able to receive a Lion Cut or kitties who mat easily. It will leave your kitty feeling like a little teddy bear! Hair lengths vary from 1/2" to 3/4" and the tail can be left long and luxurious or in a pom pom style. This package includes everything in the Bath & Blow Dry.

Cats must be in good physical condition in order to receive this service. Purrsnippety will not provide this service on a kitten, elderly, sick or aggressive kitties. This service is not available to first-time clients.

Prices: Starting at $140. This style is not available on cats with any tangles, matting or pelting.

* Additional charges may apply if your kitty is over 12 pounds, or if they are known to bite. 

**Please note that this service is only available for recurring clients.**



Matting or pelting can cause a lot of discomfort and pain to your kitty. Additional fees will be assessed for kitties that are found to be severely matted or pelted, and will require a Lion Cut (or variation) to remove the hair. For safety reasons, if your kitty is known to have a stress-related condition or has certain medical conditions, they will be referred to a veterinarian for grooming under sedation.

Prices: Mat removal starts at $150 and varies based on the location and severity of the matting and the time it takes to remove them. This price includes everything in the Bath & Blow Dry Package.

Severe Matting or Pelting that requires a Lion Cut, pricing starts at $250 for the initial appointment. Approximately 8 weeks later, a complimentary follow-up appointment will take place that includes a Full Coat Bath & Blow Dry and nail trim. We will also discuss a preventative maintenance program to ensure your kitty stays as happy and healthy as possible.

matting, pelt, cat grooming, purrsnippety, cat grooming, cat, saskatoon, yxe, house call, mobile groomer, cat bath, nail trim, cat shave
pelt removal, cat grooming, cat bath, nail trim, saskatoon, yxe, purrsnippety, housecall, mobile, cat shave
Nail Trims & Soft Paws


Are your kitty's sharp nails causing damage to your furniture and carpets? We can help! While not all kitties are candidates for Soft Paws, regular nail trims are a necessity to help keep your furniture and carpets in tip top shape.

Soft Paws are vinyl caps that cover your kitty's sharp nails. They are completely safe and humane. Your kitty will still able to extend, grasp and make natural movements with their nails, all while ensuring they're not scratching your furniture or you!


Nail Trim (Only)**                    $35

Soft Paws (Front Only)             $45

Soft Paws (All)                           $50

Every Soft Paw application includes a nail trim and removal of old Soft Paws. It is recommended to have them replaced every 4 - 6 weeks to prevent any discomfort or ingrown nails. 

*Not all kitties are a candidate for Soft Paws, please speak with our CFMG prior to booking this appointment.

** Discount available for multi-cat homes

soft paws, nail caps, nail trim, vinyl caps, cat grooming, purrsnippety
soft paws, nail trim, soft claws, scratch
Add-on Sevices

additional services & fees

Belly Shave

Biter/Aggressiveness Fee

Cats over 12 Pounds


De-shedding Treatment

Fecal Matter Removal

Late Appointment/Cancellation

Sanitary Clip









*Prices subject to change without prior notification.

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